Friday, June 12, 2009

Now With Motion!

After producing that still from the other day, I decided to do a full render just to get a feel for how this is going. I also played around with my camera motion and REALLY smoothed it out. I like the feel of it much better now.

Story-wise, I felt like just having him standing on the cliff wasn't enough, so with the addition of the river in the background, I decided that the terrain of the background should also reflect that there's water. We now have a guy on the edge of the cliff on his way to greener pastures. Perhaps I'll modify the foreground geometry to be a bit meaner too so that it seems like an even tougher task for our hero.

Beyond that, I think I'm going to add another row or two of mountains in the far background to blend into the horizon a bit better.

Thoughts or comments?


  1. oh... take away one of the 'progress' words and replace it with something that's not so repetitive.

  2. So, as perhaps the only non-doing-what-you-do person leaving comments, it's really neat to see the progression of how something like this progresses and comes together and starts to look more real at each stage. Only question is, where'd his legs go? And maybe it's just me... but I think there's a slight purple tinge to it... MUAHAHA :D

  3. looking good!!! Had no idea you were tackling something like this. You're such a keener Matt.

  4. That's a great shot... it'll look all the more convincing with the leg-obscuring stuff in place. I know you're probably not at the point to add the finer details, but I'll add my 2 cents since you asked.
    The sun is approaching magic hour, but I think this shot would look great scorched. (Meaning the sun would be higher and not obscurred). That high up, you often get a haze in the distance as it is, and as Bob Ross says "as things get farther from you, they get brighter, because they're closer to the sun". Yes, I get all of my worldly advice from Bobby.
    That being said, this would increase the shadow density on the protagonist's back, giving the front edge a real highlight (which it already appears to have), and shade the front of the rock structures a little more, so their edges don't look as hard.

    That's all. It's pretty dope. The costuming is great. I hope my words came across as constructive, and not assholey.

  5. Thanks everyone. These comments, along with a nicely detailed email really help. I haven't put in any work into this in the last week or so, but I'll get back on it soon.

  6. Hey buuuuud. I remembered you had a blog and thought I'd check it out. Pretty spiffy. I like what your doing with Tom on this one. Are you compositing in the mountains with photos? Or are you using 3d?

    If your using 3d, my personal fave for generating and modeling terrain is Vue. It's spectacular and very easy to get good renders, especially from a distance. But you definitely know what your doin more then i do :P