Saturday, January 26, 2013

Updated Car Rendering

I've been rendering this with better sample settings. I'm using Unified Sampling in Mental Ray. It's good, but my render isn't exactly fast. I can't say that I've really gone into the settings and optimized it for best possible render time... more like brute forcing it to render. Still it could be a bit better.

I had a problem with Vector motion blur. It turns out all my camera settings like f-stop had been reset to 0. That doesn't make sense.

So now this render has some basic color corrections and filters. Motion blur applied in Nuke. Some glowing edges (too strong). I'm noticing now that my reflection pass doesn't quite match the film plate and will need a bit of tweaking, but I'll save that for the final upload next week. It's still rendering at the college but will be ready by Monday.

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