Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Work In Progress

Here's a car rendering we were working on in class this last year. I'm updating mine with better sampling in an effort to remove all jaggies from highly reflective materials. Though I'm getting closer, it's still far from perfect. Also, since I'm rendering at half-HD, it seems Vimeo doesn't like that and has softened the final Quicktime quite a bit.

The Peugeot 508 car model comes from

All materials, footage, tracking, and rendering are by me. Rendered in mental ray using the new(ish) user_ibl method. Comped in Nuke. So far no color corrections or filters have been applied.


  1. What does the lighting rig look like? Is it mimicking the actual garage lighting or is it truncated at all? Rg

  2. I shot HDRI of the parkade when I shot the footage. The user_ibl method has a great explanation here:

    When I update the renders again, I'll post a more in-depth explanation.